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Welcome to The Great Wall of Brooklyn

The Great Wall Of Brooklyn

Home to over 1000 artists from around the globe. Hundreds of galleries deliver culture, history and raw creativity to BROOKLYN the most diverse city in America.

The GREAT WALL is a walk through time & space, between reality and the unreal.

For visitors The GREAT WALL can be a pillar, a doorway or a mirror. It stands as an ever changing conveyor of ideas bridging the heart of Brooklyn with the soul of global arts & culture. A permanent gallery installation in the heart of Brooklyn Hosting millions of artists and visitors from around the globe. Curated by the Bishop Gallery. Presented by

The Brooklyn Renaissance Group

Curated by

Produced by ISC Design concepts LLc.


The Great Wall "Terrace" Curated by the Bishop Gallery                                                                                          Parking Lot Rear  Marcy Avenue  & Ellery Street

- Featured artist presentation, Naming Rights, Screenings  

+    Naming Rights
+    Naming Rights
+    Naming Rights
+    Naming Rights
+    Naming Rights

The Great Wall "Sculpture & Mural Garden" Curated by the Bishop Gallery        Parking Lot Rear  Marcy Avenue  & Ellery Street

- Featuring rotating outdoor works by international and domestic artists

+    Naming Rights

The Great Wall "Cyber Lounge" Curated by the Bishop Gallery

- More then13,000 artists displayed annually on 4k digital displays. Registered artists upload portfolios on GWB.ORG

- Host events featuring live feed remote art fairs, exhibits and creative conferences from around the world 

- The information Hub for the Great Wall Project

- The Museum & Gallery Guide / Brooklyn Subway map etched into the ceiling invites Great Wall visitors to explore all of the Arts & Culture   the Borough has to offer.

+    Naming Rights

The Great Wall "Premier Works Gallery" Curated by the Bishop Gallery

- Contemporary Art Gallery rotating original exhibitions & art installations

- Host tours, classes and workshops

+    Naming Rights

The Great Wall Global Music Channel

Link To Great Wall Audio Tour. "You are now viewing the work of Artist...."

Tour The Great Wall listening to streamed world music uploaded by hundreds of DJ's from around the globe

The Great Wall Kids Network

Tour Schedules & Workshops

Online Activities & Resources


+    Naming Rights
+    Naming Rights

Tompkins Avenue

+    Naming Rights

Ellery Street

Presented by The Brooklyn Renaissance Group


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