Hulu: The Go-To For Network TV

Privately held Hulu is backed by media giants: Walt Disney Co, Comcast Corporation, and minority stakeholder Time Warner Inc.

The strength of Hulu’s content is in its timeliness and exclusives: It’s where you can catch up on “South Park,” “Family Guy,” and “Saturday Night Live.” Rather than being a destination for binge-watching original shows (think “House of Cards” on Netflix), Hulu’s 12 million users are more likely there for the streaming access to existing television nameplates.

While the company has had some notable house-made productions — such as “11.22.63,” a miniseries based on a Stephen King novel built around the JFK assassination — Hulu is simply in an earlier stage of content generation than Netflix.

Recent moves show Hulu’s place in the market could change in 2017. The company continues to option historically successful series and films unavailable for streaming elsewhere, and has a major original series, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” launching April 26.

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