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Kinetic Sculpture & Lighting

Suspended, powered mobiles with Augmented Reality activations. Learn More

Tucker's original sculptures, known as Moto Valkyries, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. These flying air bikes, complete with female riders from another time and space, are crafted entirely from recycled materials, making each piece a true work of art that also champions sustainability.

What sets these sculptures apart is the way they seamlessly explore and embrace Afro Futurism, combining elements of African culture with futuristic technology to create a truly unique and visually stunning experience. The incorporation of kinetic energy is also a hallmark of this artist's work, with each piece featuring fans, motors, smoke generators, and even augmented reality technology that bring the sculptures to life in an entirely new way. This artist's Moto Valkyries are a testament to his incredible vision and talent, and museum directors, gallery owners, and art collectors alike should be eager to showcase his work and share it with the world.

"Path Of The Seer" The story behind the sculpture,

is Tucker's hero tale of a young Seer's rise to power amidst a war of worlds for the souls of her people and ours.

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