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Kinetic Sculpture & Lighting

Tucker’s Moto Valkyrie sculptures are constructed of found ,recycled and reclaimed materials.

Each vehicle is as unique as its passenger. Built piece by piece, incorporating electric motors, LED lighting and an array of mechanical features. 


Each of the all female riders embodies a personal spirit derived from the indigenous cultures of other worlds. 

Their unique facial expressions are hand sculpted in clay, then cast in concrete, then painted with skin tone and engaging features.


Coiled aluminum, copper, acrylic, stain glass and handmade paper are used to form the head and body. 


The use of technology is a fundamental feature of Tucker’s art work. His paintings, sculpture and furniture utilize advancements in current technology to conceptualize, fabricate and interact with the work like never before.

Augmented Reality (A/R) adds the ultimate dimension to these works, breathing life into animated faces, filled with expression.

Learn more:

The story behind the sculpture,

"Path Of The Seer" is Tucker's hero tale of a young Seer's rise to power amidst a war of worlds for the souls of her people and ours.


The path of the seer by S. Tucker ©️2019

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