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Thank you for your interest in viewing my proposal for a commissioned oil painting for the office of  

Camden Partners. 500 E Pratt St # 1200, Baltimore, MD 21202

Presented by Artist, Designer Scott Benjamin Tucker

January 6, 2020


1. Proposed Concept

2. Artist Process Video

2. A/R Experience

3. About the artist


This 120" x 42" oil & wood on canvas painting is inspired by the artist experience in a new city he has chosen to call home.

It's placement on the wall in Camden Partners office will share that inspiration as if through a window revealing the heart, soul, and spirt of Baltimore.

Pencil & Ink layout drawing

Baltimore City Painting BW.jpg

The heart of the city is its landscape, the neighborhoods, diverse cultures and small businesses that drive the community.

This painting will capture the texture of the streets, the historic architecture and opulent glow of the late afternoon sky in vivid, bold colors.

All manner of shadow and reflection will be revealed with great attention to detail. 3 Dimensional building facades made of wood and metal provide added depth to the 2 point perspective. Alongside a host of Baltimore landmarks small business from the Warnock Fellowship Program will also be represented. 

Color study drawing color pencil, marker & Ink 

3/4" x 5" x 4" deep white box frame sample

Baltimore City Painting framed.jpg

Displayed in place for review 

Piece on display.jpg

(Please note: actual piece will be an Oil Painting on canvas please see examples below)

The people are the soul of Baltimore. The six hundred thousand plus residents, young, old, rich, poor, born and raised residence that make this city a beautiful and amazing place. All will be represented throughout the painting breathing life into the environment. A true depiction of a day in the life of proud and capable citizens.

See process video below for more details, Sample paintings "Local Color" series Oil, wood & metal on canvas. 

Bar Nun
The Band
Shoe Game
The Cross
Second Position
Yellow Telephone
Mary Janes
Prodical Son

To represent the spirit of Baltimore requires illumination, motion and the sounds of the city. For this Tucker utilizes A/R technology or (Augmented Reality). Once on display the piece can be viewed through your cell phone or tablet for a complete experience.

See the city come to life as nature moves in the breeze, the neighborhoods bustle and a game time orange & purple glow radiates from the stadiums.

(A/R example below)

Welcome to 

My Augmented Reality Experience

This new technology allows me to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. The digital layer opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. I can take visitors on a journey in time and explain what lies behind, enhance the artwork or tell a story. This new world can be unlocked by any smartphone or tablet and offer an extended and emotional experience.

Step1: Scan QR code to download A/R viewing app

Step 2: Open app and allow control of your camera.

Step 3: Select from Tucker's original A/R works below and aim at piece to view

3D, animated experience.

A/R 1
A/R 2
A/R 3

Click here to learn more about artist

Scott Benjamin Tucker

RAUNJIBA Logo 2016 Tree 2 copy.jpg
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